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Becoming a Professional Poker Player

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Poker may seem like an awesome job with a glamorous lifestyle, but is that really the case? Read on to see if you are prepared to turn pro.

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The Benefits of Playing Poker for a Living

First, let's start with why anyone would want to be a professional poker player. If this is obvious for you then skip to another section!

- Choose your own hours - if you don't feel like working today, you don't have to!
- You are your own boss - there is no one ordering you around.
- You get all of the freedom that you would like - you'll be able to awaken if you want to.
- You can make more money than people how old you are, with relatively less effort.
- There aren't many jobs in the world that are as fun as poker.
- You can make huge sums of cash in an exceedingly short period of time - everyone loves a quick buck!
- Should you proceed to somewhere like the UK, poker is completely legal and also you don't have to pay any taxes in your winnings.
- You may be lazy and disorganized, yet still make a fortune! This really is something simply can't get away with in the real world.
- You'll be able to fulfill your dreams. In life, you should do what you benefit from the most. Many people grow up wanting to be an actor, tennis player, singer etc. Professional poker is an alternate path to one of those glamorous careers.

Just how much Do You Really Enjoy Poker?

OK let's begin!

If you're reading this, you've probably played poker 'a bunch' and are quite enjoying it. But would you like to play poker 5-6 times per week throughout your lifetime? It might appear like poker may be the only thing you want to do at this time, however in several years' time it may seem otherwise!

Also take into account the variance involved. It's possible that you may have been running above expectation. In poker, downswings are inevitable and you've got to be able to handle it. Downswings can be quite tough and cruel. Be ready for them, because no matter how good you're, it will happen to you.

You need to be completely immersed in poker and learn about pretty much everything associated with poker. You must have that urge to experience poker every single day if you want to be a professional poker player.

What Skills Are Required To Be a Professional Poker Player?

Another factor to consider is how good you really are at poker. Are you really eliminate for this? Many people aren't. Here are a few of the qualities that you need to become a successful professional poker player:

- Have good temperament, discipline and self-control.
- You need to be fairly intelligent. You don't have to be considered a genius, however if you simply are always bottom of the Math's class then reconsider your job.
- Possess a reasonable mathematical background - you need a general knowledge of odds and variance.
- You have to be competitive, but simultaneously have the ability to place your ego aside.
- Good analytical skills.
- Good at reading people.
- Have a very good knack for games and gambling. This is much like in business where individuals talk about using a good 'business acumen' - the word sounds nearly the same as bulls*** but in fact it matters enormously!
- You should generally be a positive person.
- Able to handle pressure.
- Be able to pick yourself up during bad times.

The Realities of Life like a Professional Poker Player

Whenever you turn pro, you need to keep improving constantly. Best poker players continue improving once they have turned pro. You need to constantly make the hours and staring at the game.

Generally, poker and social life do not go hand in hand. However if you simply can find the best balance between poker and life then that is a bonus. You have to just how you will be viewed from your family, friends and the community in which you reside in. Ignore this last advice if you do not care about what others consider you!

Ignore what you see on television. Lifetime of the typical professional poker player isn't quite like the poker players that you simply see around the World Poker Tour or the World Series of Poker. Get ready for a long grind.

Consider the professions like actors and footballers (soccer). Towards the top, you will find big rewards and they are mostly overpaid. But for the majority, it is a grind!

Also besides variance, there's also additional factors you have absolutely no control in poker. Do you think poker is going to be legal inside your country forever? Consider the U.S. and Black Friday as an example. And finally, are poker games in your town or online likely to continue being as good as they're?

How Much Money Are you currently Making From Poker?

It is better to possess a any period of time of consistent results than a single big tournament win. If you've been making more money from poker than your job for the last Twelve months you very well may be ready to turn pro.

But to turn pro, you need to be making a much more from poker than your normal job. If you make comparable amount of money as your current job, you'll want to stick to your job.

Remember all the negatives associated with poker (specially the downswings) and think about whether it is all worth it. If you've been making lots of money from poker, do you consider your win rate is sustainable?

Isn't it time to Become a Professional Poker Player?

You may be at a stage in your life where you stand best doing other things. Among this really is if you are in university/college. You may still play poker inside your spare time making money from it when you finish your degree.

Consider what you will be sacrificing to be able to pursue your poker dream. Is quitting your job well worth it? It might appear just like a wise decision at that time however, you may be sorry later.

Do you have any backup plans? Poker might have to go horribly wrong for you and you will end up left out by individuals your age. Using a degree is a good start, however, you require more nowadays.

Moreover, would you currently have a large enough bankroll? You'll need much more buy-ins when your main income source is poker. Be cautious and choose 50 buy-ins for money games and 200 buy-ins for tournaments. There are other variance in poker than most people think.

However, a brand new breed of poker players are staked players in tournaments. If you're supported by someone you do not even require a bankroll, provided you've got a good track record and someone who has faith in you. There are in fact many upsides to this. Stay tuned to have an article focused on staked poker players.

Just Go For It

If you have read all of the above and still think poker as a career fits your needs, you will want to simply do it now! Poker must become the absolute main concern in your lifetime. Just keep putting the amount of time in. Should you play online you ought to get the very best deals and rewards to improve your profitability. You ought to be reading books, forums, strategy websites and also watch poker training videos. Who knows, you might be the following Phil Ivey. Best of luck!

Post by panduanpoker2 (2017-01-31 13:46)

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